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Windsonde - Drust by ObloquyCondemed Windsonde - Drust by ObloquyCondemed
Name: Drust
Alias: Cyta
Gender: Male
Mixture: Red Kite x Eurasian Lynx
Size: Just under 4ft at the shoulder
Current rank: Young gryphon
Aerie: Skrekrill
Gang: Illoch
Theme: [link]

Examples of him as he ages:

    Hatchling: [link]
    Fledgling: Not done yet
    Juvenile: [link]
    Adult: N/A
    Great Gryphon/Human: N/A

IntDC: Intertransversarii dorsales caudae, SacDL and
SacDM: Sacrocaudalis dorsalis latreralis/medialis.

Drust was born into Skekrill and was the runt of a brood of 3, his parents did not believe he would survive but he learnt his underhanded ways in the nest, learning ways of stealing and winning food from his larger bulkier brothers, this often got him beaten up, but he did get to eat.

Is a skinny youngester due to lack of food.

Ignored by his family he learnt swiftly to take care of himself can find intergrating with others awkward on level of equals.
His brothers were the pride of his father, but they were picked off one by one in fights in and outside of the Aerie, his father hated Drust for being the only one left alive and yet useless in his eyes, Drust asked him how he could prove his usefulness and he was told he must kill the creature that killed his oldest brother, and bring back proof that he has done so, Drust took on this task and set about planning to find and do away with his unknown enemy...

Drust stands at just under 4ft to the shoulder (a full foot shorter than his brothers), most of his apparent bulk is feathers and fur, he learnt quickly that he is not brawny or able to take part in one-on-one fights, not so long as he is fighting fair, when his second older brother threw him down and he tumbled over the rocks, breaking his right foreleg, it was a minor break but there is a slight ridge under the skin where it broke and healed over.

He has always been restless and finds himself meditating and contemplating on things, he has been teased that he'd better suit Twistoult, though he is neither superstitious nor particularly religious, he has an admiration for Mordachae and her children however.

Drust has a mixed attitude to company, part of him wishes to have a close friend, but his reticence about others makes him awkward about others, he rarely speaks of what is importiant to him.

Drust admires those who have developed more complex tools and items and medicine. He is facinated by the way other aeries work and behave and he believes he could easily blend in with another group, though he has yet to test this theory. He approves of a firm command system.

As a youngster he wanted to become a Nachtbrag to prove his stength, but he never bulked out as he grew, his aspirations are still similar however different in details, as an adult he wishes to show the Queen the importiance of intelligence services and sleeper agents.

He has not yet made up his mind about humans.

I shouldn't have really made this yet since I don't even know if his combo has been accepted =X but I couldn't resist!

Ref sheet for :iconwindsonde:

Drust and artwork of him belongs to me!
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July 29, 2011
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